At the Pharmacy

Patient’s prescriptions are automatically sorted into individual dose cups by our Fill and Verification tools, and then delivered right to their door.



At Home

For patients with poor dexterity, a Medsentry countertop device is set up right in their home. It notifies them with a chime when it’s time to take their medications. The patient pulls a lever and the correct medication is automatically dispensed in a single dose cup.




For patients with higher levels of ability and dexterity, the MedSentry mobile application is installed on the patient’s smartphone. They receive a push notification when it’s time to take their medications, and use the mobile app to scan the right dose cup and confirm their adherence.




MedSenty’s cloud platform links patients with caregivers. Data is sent from both in-home and mobile devices, so that caregivers can easily monitor a patient’s adherence in real time. Caregivers receive alerts when patients miss a dose, and use the online portal to update prescriptions lists and communicate across care networks.