MedSentry was founded by Dr. David Bear who has been an advocate for improving medication adherence since working with psychiatric patients to reconcile and tele-monitor medication administration in the late 1990's. He holds multiple patents and is a serial entrepreneur with several successful pharmaceutical ventures.

In MedSenty’s first clinical trial conducted by Partners Healthcare’s Center for Connected Health, we established a 98% medication adherence rate. *

We achieved an 80% reduction in readmissions against the baseline.




We have continued to develop our unified system over the past six years and in 2017 launched pilot programs with innovative providers around the country.




Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team with a combined 20+ years experience in the healthcare and technology industries.


Dr. David Bear, Founder and Chairman

David is the co-inventor and founder of MedSentry and serves as Chairman of the Board and Chief Medical Officer. He is a graduate of Harvard College and Medical School, receiving an MD Magna Cum Laude.  David was previously the Chair of Psychiatry at UMass Memorial Hospital in Worcester, MA and Professor of Psychiatry at the UMass Medical Center. He is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions, being named a Lifetime Distinguished Fellow by the American Psychiatric Association.  

David pioneered and developed the largest telepsychiatry program in the U.S. and is a consultant to a large narcotics treatment program. His professional passions include the prevention of opioid addiction; novel treatment of depression; restless legs syndrome; and impulsive compulsive disorders.  

David is married to Dr. Laurie Hammer, a practicing psychiatrist. They have two sons, Daniel, a computational neuroscientist and Adam, a cognitive neuroscientist. David’s hobbies lean toward music and audio reproduction activities, although he has interests as well in philosophy and physics.